How to remove your Fading Tan

What’s more important than knowing how to apply a tan? Knowing how to remove it. When our tan’s lifespan is drawing to an end, it can often become uneven or streaky leaving us self-conscious about heading outdoors. To help you find the tan removal solution that doesn’t involve scrubbing yourself raw, take a look at our pro tips below!

Run a warm bath
Run a warm bath with bath oil to soften your tan. To remove stubborn patches, use a tan removal mitt by rubbing it in circular motions. Alternatively, a steam room or sauna will help too!

Go for a swim
Chlorine has qualities that break down sunless tanning products. Head to the shower after and gently exfoliate with your tan removal mitt.

Use a fake tan remover
For those looking for a more professional touch to their tan removal approach, opt for tan removal products to give your removal process that extra boost.

Squeeze a lemon
Lemons are naturally acidic making them great tan removers. Mix some fresh lemon juice with raw sugar and rub over the body. For a spot removal, use a lemon wedge instead!

Grab some bi-carb soda
Grab the bi-carb soda from the back of the pantry and mix it with water until it forms a thick paste. Spread over the body and leave for approximately 30 minutes before scrubbing off. Bi-carb soda also has great oxygenating qualities!

When it comes to removing your tan, it’s important that you don’t damage your skin in the process. Be sure to find a gentle removal mitt to accompany your chosen removal method. Take a look at our Sunescape Tan Removal Mitt here or opt for some of our self-tan mousse known for its even fade!

Get your mitts out!

Get your mitts out!

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