How to get the most out of your Tan

If you’ve used sunless tan before, you’ll know the difficulty that comes with achieving a natural looking tan that shows evenly and seam-free. Often, applying a sunless tan comes with some undesirable outcomes if not applied properly, but the good news is that there are many quick, simple solutions that will help you get that perfect, sought-after tan.

A sunless tan works best when applied to the ideal type of skin that’s smooth, fresh and free of dead skin cells. The night before applying your sunless tan, jump into the shower and shave the areas you’re going to tan. It’s also important to grab an oil-free exfoliator to remove and dry or blotchy patches of skin, giving you a streak-free tan. Using an oil-free exfoliator will mean that your tan is more likely to adhere to your skin without oil acting as a barrier. If you choose to exfoliate just before applying your tan, be sure to wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your skin is completely dry, otherwise your tan may not properly adhere to your skin.

When applying, be sure to choose a shade that suits you. Often going too dark can make your tan look unnatural. Always apply one layer first, leaving the tan on for the recommended time before deciding whether you’d like to go darker by adding a second coat.

When applying your tan, add only a small amount of mousse to your mitt, applying more as needed. Begin by focusing on larger areas first such as thighs, arms and stomach. Lotions should be applied with small, circular motions and foams/mousses in long, fluid motions. Leave smaller body areas last, using only a very small amount on areas with rough skin such as elbows. Rough skin grabs tanning products more easily meaning using too much product can leave these areas unusually dark.

When applying tan to your face, run cold water over your T-section to reduce pore size. This prevents your tan building up and causing dark spots on your nose, chin or forehead.

Tip:  When applying tan to your hands and feet, use a cleansing wipe to prevent your nails from turning brown.

The key to keeping your tan on for longer is to stay hydrated. Moisturising at least twice a day and drinking a sufficient amount of water will ensure your skin stays healthy and nourished.

When choosing your tanning products, be sure to look for ingredients that will nourish your skin to avoid damage.

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