Olivia – Beauty on Burke Pty Ltd

“I am only a few months into my Sunescape journey…. But let me tell you I am one very loyal provider! Not only me, but my entire team. And second to the team loving it, believing in it are my loyal clients. Hundreds of our clients have now had a Sunescape tan or two or three and have fallen in love.

They have fallen in love with the scent, it’s long lasting performance and its effortless convenience being only two hours, and the tan lasts longer than any other. Clients have been getting almost two weeks out of their tans! No patching! We all just love it.

If I love a product I will support 100% through my passion. My skill and approach with clients is being professional, educational and fun. The Sunescape marketing allows me to offer just that! It’s quirky and clever and allows for that fun interaction with clients. I always say ‘so do you feel like going for a weekend in Bondi, a week in Fiji or a month in Maui’? They all are catching on to the slogan and we have a laugh.

After taking on Sunescape we placed an order for our second batch the following week! Our response speaks for itself. The retail range brings you back to that wonderful tropical holiday you hopefully have been to; it certainly brings up conversation of a good time in one’s life. We also use the body butter in our pedicures and other treatments too. Well done on creating a clever and enjoyable range to work with.”

Get your mitts out!

Get your mitts out!

Why not add a premium mitt to your order for just £7.00

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