Faux Tanning Tricks You Need in Your Life

Faux tanning can be oh so right, but oftentimes, it just goes OH. SO. WRONG…

To avoid classic tanning mistakes like the ‘way too dark hands’, ‘streaky leg syndrome’, and ‘I didn’t think I’d be wearing a backless outfit and now I’m literally two different skin colours’, we have some essential self-tanning tips to help your glow look as natural and flawless as possible.

Baby got (a tanned) back.

Tanning your back may be your least favourite thing to do ever, closely followed by taking out the bins and getting petrol, but simply turning your application mitt around so that the velvety applicator side is on the back of your hand could save you dozens of TANtrums. OR, our Luxe Applicator Mitt‘s velvety material is double-sided so you can reach every nook and cranny, every which way you turn! The cute extra thumb area also makes for a perfect addition when tanning around your neck and ankles.

Only tan what’s visible.

Yes, we know you might be constantly living in fear that your selective tanning habits might be caught out, but we have just the products to fix this eternal dilemma! For those events where your legs, arms, back, neck or any other area of your body is on show, use a DHA-free (wash off tan) formula that will allow you to apply tan at the last minute, and then wash off when you are done. AND it looks just as good as the longer-term tan you normally marinate in. Our picks are the Illuminating Body Tint and Instant Wash-Off Mousse.

Spot treat your mistakes.

During the tanning process is the make or break. One missed streak or darker patch and you are done for, right? Nope. While you are tanning, keep an exfoliating mitt and soap and water close by to massage in to any body part that tan has been applied to too heavily. Our Tan Removal Mitt is best used damp too quickly and easily wipe away any mistakes before time is against you and the tan dries!

Oil slick does the trick.

If you’ve woken up and realised that your skin maaay be a little too dark for your liking, especially when you started off the same colour as Frosty the Snowman, a deliciously scented body oil and warm water will do the trick in fading your tan quicker and starting over. Oil causes the DHA (the ingredient that tans your skin) to breakdown quicker and your tan will fade evenly. It might take a few goes to get it to completely fade away, but it will definitely do the trick, and you’ll smell pretty darn good too.

Get your mitts out!

Get your mitts out!

Why not add a premium mitt to your order for just £7.00

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