How do I Prepare for a Spray Tan?


For the best results, we recommend skin to be thoroughly exfoliated prior to spraying. Exfoliating helps to remove any dead skin cells and enables the skin to absorb the tanning solution more effectively and evenly. We recommend using Sunescape Exfoliating Body Polish to help exfoliate your skin and using the Sunescape Hydrating Shower Gel to clean and prepare the skin.

Hair Removal

Hair removal should be done a minimum 24 hours prior to spray tanning. For waxing, we would even recommend 48 hours prior so that the skin has had plenty of time to calm and minimise any possible irritation. Waxing should never be done straight after a spray tan as this will remove the tan.


If possible, please do not wear any deodorant, perfume or moisturiser before your spray tan. If you have applied deodorant in the morning, ensure that it is removed at the salon prior to your spray. The spray tan reacts with the deodorant and perfume and will cause a green tinge to the skin, which will also result in the tan not adhering and developing in that area. Please also ensure that you have not applied any moisturiser directly before a spray tan as the tan will not adhere to the skin very well.

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Get your mitts out!

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